Tata College in Chaibasa has clear set of vision, mission and value statements. However, those are not static. Time to time, we revise our mottoes and objectives.

Our Vision

Tata College is driven by a clear motto of producing generations of creative, constructive, productive and progressive human resources. The vision of the college is to create able and sensitive citizens who can cater to the need of society and the planet earth while earning sound livelihood. The college has been with the vision of empowering the students who mostly come from economically week background. Creating ‘thoughtful brains and sensitive hearts’ is our guiding vision.

Our Mission

While the primary mission of Tata College, Chaibasa is to be the best name for quality higher education, we have a number of mission statements as our roadmap to thrive the best. The followings are our main mission to achieve:

  • Creating best brains: We provide importance on quality education so that we can help in creating most thoughtful and productive human resources. Brain development is our primary motto.
  • Bringing innovation to education: In addition to the existing modes of teaching and learning, we thrive our best for creating innovation in teaching and learning.
  • Helping in skill development: We are aware of the skill need of the society and the nation. In this connection, our mission is to produce generations of skilled professionals
  • Creating best teaching and learning environment: Providing better environment to learn, research and teach is a primary aspect of our mission. We believe in more creative freedoms for our students and teachers. We encourage our students to freely interact with teachers.
  • Producing morally sound citizens: We believe in moral and ethical education along with sensitivity to human and environmental issues
  • Improving research work: Inculcate the spirit of research and innovation among our students is one of core mission
  • Creating ecological awareness: Our best effort is to create adequate awareness on environment issues.

Our Objectives:

  • To be the best name in the fields of higher education and quality research
  • To be a premier institute of higher education
  • To empower our students with better learning skill
  • To develop skill and competency level of our studends
  • To incorporate the latest scientific and technological development in the curriculum
  • To provide conducive environment for creativity & research
  • To provide equal opportunity to all respective of caste, class, race and gender
  • To help students in getting better employ-ability opportunities

Our Values

  • Excellence: We never compromise with quality. We thrive to maintain high standard of integrity leading to academic goals.
  • Collaboration: We seek input from all sectors of the society leading to better education.
  • Diversity: We foster a learning culture in which the diverse values, goals, and learning styles are recognized and insired.
  • Integrity: It’s our way of work. At all level, we never let us diverted from great human values and integrity.
  • Sensitivity: We practice and teach our students to be enough sensitive to the suffering people.
  • Best Practice: Whether it’s teaching, learning or research, we thrive our best to deliver the best.