TATA College at Chaibasa is a State Government of Jharkhand funded College as well as a constituent unit of Kolhan University, Chaibasa. The top administrative control of the college is at the hand of the concerned university. In most of the matters, the university provides direction to the college to implement different policy frameworks. As per the prevailing regulations, any proposal for the administrative and academic reform at college level need to be approved by the university. However, the regulation of the state government and the constituting university provides ample scopes to the the college to handle the quality aspects of the college at its own level.

While strictly adhering to all the regulation and guidelines of the Jharkhand State University Act and Kolhan University directives, Tata College practices its best to deliver quality education to all students. At its own level, the college is highly decentralized so that maximum benefit can be delivered to the students.

Tata College, Chaibasa functions through various wings, cells and committees. Details can be available at respective pages.

Please visit the respective pages to know more about the administrative structure and functionalities of Tata College, Chaibasa.

For further details, please contact us at info@tata.college.