P R Sahoo of Tata College

P R Sahoo is yet a learner although he has adequate experiences in teaching and researching. While teaching literature and literary theories at Tata College, he is also learning PHP, CMS, JS, SEO, Schema, XML and web technology. He applies his skills on daily basis.

Sahoo has worked on Dissenting Voices and Subaltern Identities in Odisha, but has not submitted his work to any university. He has a number of research papers published in national and international journals. Besides, he writes for s a number of blogs including P R Sahoo.

To his credit, Sahoo has 137 blog posts, 27 research papers, two chapter in books and 14 courses designed. Being a trans-disciplinary researcher, he also works in the field of entrepreneurship. His major field of interest is linguistics. Presently, he is working on the application of semantics in the field of artificial intelligence.

The major contributions of P R Sahoo include curriculum design for undergraduate and postgraduate programs. Being a member of Board of Studies at the University Department of Odia at Kolhan University, he has contributed in upgrading the syllabus for both UG and PG studies. For Jamshedpur Women’s College, he has contributed in restructuring the curriculum for both postgraduate and undergraduate programs in Odia.

The following is a downloadable short CV of P R Sahoo