Tata College, Chaibasa was established in 1954 with a mission to impart higher education among the students of the locality mostly from tribal communities. Since inception, this college has been entrusted with the responsibilities, a lot more than just educating students. We, here at Tata College, strive hard every day to imbibe values and determination of being ambitious, confident, disciplined, intuitive, inquisitive, hard working and successful.

It is matter of immense pleasure that the college was granted B+ grade in accreditation by NAAC in the first cycle in October 2017. Now, we are looking forward for 2nd cycle of NAAC accreditation. The College has been designated as the only “Premier College” of West Singhbhum region by the Higher Technical and Skill Development Department, Government of Jharkhand.

All the departments, regular and Vocational of college, are doing well. To impart Job-oriented education we have collaborated with Tata Insitute of Social Sciences (TISS), Mumbai for Employability Excelence with College Education and Learning (EXCEL) Program. Our students have also earned laurels for college in academics as well as in sports and cultural activities. Each year, the college can produce more than a half dozens of University Toppers.

Tata college is a very beautiful garden in which students from different economic, social, cultural, religious and lingual background get equal opportunity both in curricular and extracurricular aspects.

Education is about understanding the possibilities that the world has to offer. Our aim is to give our students the set of wings that help them to fly away to a new horizon, into a new world. College helps in opening the mind of young students to the world of possibilities, being successful in life is about understanding the possibility that students can create by themselves. I wish each student a successful and bright future.