Additional Classes by Dr Brajesh Kumar at Tata College

Additional Classes

Besides the regular classes as specified in the Kolhan University syllabus and master routine of the college, Tata College also offers a number of additional classes for the overall development of the students. The two most common types are – ‘Knowledge Based Common Classes’ and ‘Career Enhancement Classes’.

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Educational Tour

Educational tour for biology students of bachelor 6th semester is going to held on coming 20th of November to 25th of November. Every students are invited. Please fill the form and registered your name here. If you missed the registration, we are sorry to carry you on tour. Register it as soon as possible.

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Welcome Program

Our university organize student welcome program on every year. This program will help to introduce the students with each other and can share their ideas, feelings and many more. This program is going to held on coming next Sunday. Every students, staff, faculties and parents are welcome.

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